汉帛(中国)有限公司是中国最大的女装加工企业,为全球数十家知名服装品牌, 如ZARA、H&M、C&A、NEXT、Uniqlo等提供OEM和ODM服务,并为ARMANI、MAXMARA、BCBG等顶级品牌进行订单加工服务。位于钱塘江畔的汉帛女装园是汉帛(中国)有限公司的工厂所在地,这里拥有从德国、法国、意大利、瑞士、日本等国引进的世界最先进的吊挂式生产流水线、自动裁床、自动物流吊挂系统等,是目前中国大陆最现代化的女装加工园区,已经成为众多国际知名品牌高级成衣在中国的加工心脏。为了满足不同客户群的需求,汉帛从意大利、瑞典、日本等地引进先进设备和理念,建起了矩阵式、吊挂式和U型三种生产线,可同时进行大批量或多品种小批量的服装生产。


Hempel (China) Co., Ltd. is China's largest women's processing enterprises,  provides OEM and ODM services for the world dozens of well-known clothing brands such as ZARA, H & M, C & A, NEXT, UNIQLO, and provides order processing services for ARMANI, MAXMARA, BCBG and other top brands. Hempel (China) Co., Ltd., locates   at Hempel Women's industrial park, Qiantang River , where possess  the world's most advanced Hanging hanging production lines, automatic cutting and automatic logistics systems introduced from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and other countries.It is currently China's most modern Women's processing park and has become the haute couture processing heart in China for large international brands . In order to meet the needs of different customer groups,  Hempel introduced advanced equipment and ideas from Italy, Sweden, Japan and other places, built a matrix type, hanging type and U-type three production lines, and can also  produce large quantities or varieties of small batch clothing at the same time .

According to the Consistent principle of 'not the biggest, but the best and most refined', Hempel has established the most advanced garment production base,not only in China, but also in the world. Here can accept the world's most upscale and most exquisite dresses and casual wear orders, today the well-known international brands ZARA, H & M, etc.  were already  loyal customers of Hempel over a decade ago .



“You must do good work by sharpening your tools first”. Only with excellent equipment and workmanship can excellent products can be made. For this purpose, Hempel has reinvested most of its profits in the updating of equipment and the enhancement of reproduction. The group has done three investments of very large scale to the Hempel China Limited. who is responsible for almost all of overseas business. The first time was in 1997 with an amount of 1.8 million dollars and new equipment 500 sets; the second time was in 1999, the registered capital was expanded to 4 million dollars, and 30 new standard producing lines was set up with an annual producing activity of 10 million pieces (sets); the third time was in 2000, the registered capital was expanded to 7 million dollars, and modernized textile physical can chemistry inspection center was built.

Another very important aspect is the expansion of the plants. As the producing capacity and the number of workers increase, the original plants can answer the demand of Hempel no more. Since it has purchased two standard plant buildings of 14 thousand square meters by Tonghui Road in 1998, Hempel started to build its own plants – the Hempel Fashion Industrial Park with an area of 540 acres. At the beginning of 2005, the first period of Hempel Fashion Industrial Park was completed and put into use, improving the annual production capacity to 15 million pieces (sets). The second period of the Park was completed in August 2008, becoming the largest manufacture base in Xiaoshan women dress District.






Hempel is granted with the most advanced hanging producing lines, automatic cutting beds and automatic logistic hanging systems introduced from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and etc. It is the most modernized dress processing base in China, even in the world.

Sweden ETON automatic hanging producing line: Hempel was the first in China to introduce the most advanced ETON automatic hanging producing line from Swede in 2001. It stretches the business from uniform to various, from scale-first to efficient-first by building up specific workshops for suits.

Automatic logistic hanging system: to satisfy the demands of big clients, Hempel has invested in and built several automatic logistic hanging systems, which then greatly increases the efficiency of production of large scale.

U-shape producing line:under the U-shape machines, every worker in the system can operate several machines at one time. It can not only improve the efficiency, but can also improve the elasticity to deal with emergency. It is an operation method which takes care of efficient management and quality control at the same time and is especially useful for multiple products of small scale.

Matrix producing line: in this mode, different producing lines serves different clients to make the production more efficient and perfect.


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